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The "Amplify Business Success" Formula
Great news! 

Your quest for that winning formula that will forever transform your business and your life is finally over. As you’ll soon see, being able to dial in this simple formula will have a profound impact on you, your business and all those you serve. I call it the Amplify Business Success (ABS) Formula and it’s been proven to work time and time again. 

In fact, look at any highly successful business and I guarantee you’ll see many (if not all) of the variables in this formula at work. Don’t get me wrong, you can still build a successful business without this formula… but it’ll be a longer, harder, slower road with a lot less probability of success. 

If you’ve struggled with any of the following, then this article is specifically for you – so be sure to read every word to the very end.

What the Amplify Business Success Formula can help with:

✅ Get your business off the ground

✅ Find direction in your business

✅ Grow and scale your business

✅ Generate more traffic

✅ Close more sales

✅ Increase revenues

✅ Create higher profit margins

✅ Dominate your market

The focus of Goldmine Digital Marketing’s Amplify Business Success (ABS) formula is to help you grow and scale your business, dominate your market and crush your competition. But it doesn’t just stop there. This same formula also works for landing your dream client, job, or significant other.

This formula worked hundreds of years ago and will work for hundreds more. Why? It works because human psychology and motivation remain the same. These are timeless tactics that work regardless of business stage or industry.

In fact, when you see “overnight success”, it’s typically months or years in the making… and then they hit (either intentionally or accidentally – usually accidentally) on this winning formula and their business takes off.

Now, I want to go ahead and get one thing out of the way. While this formula can lead to massive success – even overnight success – it is not a get rich quick scheme. 

Here’s what I mean by that. The formula is simple in nature and will help you generate more revenues. But understanding and successfully implementing are two very different things. Simple does not mean easy. It may take you ten, twenty, even a hundred attempts to get the various parts of the formula right, so don’t get discouraged.

Without further ado, let’s get to the actual formula and an explanation of each step.


Simple enough, right?

Huh? What the…?

I guess you wanted it spelled out?

What do all of those acronyms in the formula mean?

Well, I’m glad you asked my astute reader.

Here it is in long form:

Ideal Customer Avatar + Unique Selling Proposition + Irresistible Offer +
Market Channel Domination = Amplify Business Success

This simple, straightforward formula will help you:

✅ Know and attract your ideal client

✅ Generate an endless amount of traffic

✅ Convert a high percentage of that traffic into paying clients

✅ Dominate your marketplace

✅ Crush your competition

✅ Outprice and outspend everyone in your industry

✅ And more…

Before we dive into the nuts and bolts of each part of the formula, let’s think through logically why this works so well.

If you try to be everything to everything, you’ll fail in business.  

If you aren’t unique or offer value, you’ll fail in business.

If you don’t have an offer that makes people want to buy TODAY, you’ll fail in business.

And if nobody knows or thinks about you, you’ll fail in business.

Here’s why this formula works…

Knowing your ideal customer avatar allows you to speak directly to their wants, needs and desires using your audience’s own language (the emotionally charged words and phrases that describe their fears or desires).

Your unique selling proposition helps you stand out from your competition and drives people to your door… it helps set you apart from your competition.

The irresistible offer has your audience salivating for your product or service and entices them to take out their wallets and actually spend money… moving from a potential prospect to a paying customer.

And finally, market channel domination allows you to “appear everywhere” and stay top-of-mind… so you can grow and scale like you wouldn’t believe.

If at any time your revenues start to stall or business growth plateaus, just return to this formula to determine where you need to focus your attention.

The ABS formula is THE winning formula when it comes to growing and scaling your business.

It is the secret to amplifying your business growth.

Does that makes sense?

Are you starting to see how these pieces work together?


Okay, now that you know the formula – let’s get started diving into the details.
Before you can distinguish yourself from your competitors or create a unique offer, you first have to know who you want to serve. In other words, who is your ideal customer? Who is it that you want to serve at the highest level? As the saying goes, by trying to be everything to everyone, you can’t be anything to anyone. Or slightly reworded, “when you attempt to be known for everything, you don’t become known for anything.”

Even if you could come up with products and services that appeal to everyone... there’s no way to get that message out without having an unlimited marketing budget.

So who is it exactly you want to work with, day in and day out? And don’t say “people” or “anyone who will pay me”. You’re business will fail if you keep that mentality. Trust me. I had 2 failed businesses when I had the mentality of “I’ll work with anyone who will pay me”. My message and marketing was inconsistent, incoherent and didn’t speak directly to any one person.

If you’re not sure where to start, make a list of every type of person or business you could serve. And I mean EVERYONE you could serve. Don’t leave anyone off this list.

If you’re a financial advisor, your list may look something like this:
Mid-level career people
Young, newly married couples
Business owners
People in a particular city
People across the country who want an “online” or remote advisor
People making over 6 figures
People making over 7 figures
People with kids
People who are going through a job change
People going through a divorce

You get the idea...

Now mark out everyone who you don’t enjoy working with.

Now mark out everyone who can’t afford your product or service.

Now mark out everyone who doesn’t desperately NEED your product or service.

At this point you should have a fairly small list of who your potential ideal customer avatar is.  

Keep refining this list until you know EXACTLY who you want to serve.

In our financial advisor example above, we want to work with business owners in a particular city making over 6 figures who have kids and are going through a divorce. 

That’s our ideal customer avatar. Everything we do (all of the content we create, messages we convey, brand that we build, etc.) will speak directly to that ideal customer avatar.

Once you know who you want to serve, then it’s time to REALLY get to know them.

Write down their age, gender, occupation, hobbies and interests. Where do they live - what city or geographic region? Urban, suburban or country living? Are they in a house (if so, do they rent or own?), apartment or condo? What TV shows or movies are they watching? What websites, magazines, newspapers or blogs are they reading? Who do they follow on social media? What kind of car are they driving? 

There’s a big difference between people who drive minivans and people who drive lamborghinis.

What you just listed are their demographics. Now let’s look at their psychographics.

Describe their feelings... what are their wants, desires, fears, and the things that cause them pain? A 25-year old single person has very different feelings, desires, and fears than a 50-year old parent with a mortgage and family to take care of.

Then do your research into your ideal customer avatar. Use tools like Facebook’s Audience Insights, or forums on Reddit or Amazon book reviews to help you find the root cause of your Ideal Customer Avatar’s problems that your product or service will help solve. What words do they use to describe their challenges and frustrations? What solutions have they tried before? Why did or didn’t those solutions work?

You’re going to accumulate all of this data on your ideal customer avatar - their demographics, psychographics, the words and phrases they use, where they are in the conversations in their own mind, etc. and we’re going to use this information to craft our unique selling proposition and irresistible offer.

So now that we’re equipped with our Ideal Customer Avatar, let’s move on.

Now that we know EXACTLY who we want to serve, it’s time to succinctly verbalize what makes us unique while speaking to their biggest fear or desire. Said another way, your Unique Selling Proposition (sometimes called Unique Value Proposition) is what makes you different from your marketplace and extremely valuable to your customers, clients, or patients. Your USP is about your company as a whole and not any single product - that’s where the offer comes in.

Here are some examples of my favorite USPs that have literally built million dollar brands:

“Fresh, hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less, or it’s free.” - Dominos

“Better ingredients. Better pizza.” - Papa John’s

“When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.” - FedEx

“We’re Number Two. We Try Harder.” - Avis

These are more than just a tagline… they succinctly verbalize what makes them unique.

Your USP must deliver real benefits that your potential customers can identify with. 

Most businesses make this mistake, and only talk about the features and forget about the benefits.

Your USP must also be easily understood and the customer shouldn’t have a doubt in their mind that you can’t deliver on the result.

In the Domino's example above they don’t even mention that the pizza will be good. 

They just say that it will be delivered fast and it will get there hot.

Also, your USP must be specific. Domino’s didn't say, “Your pizza and wings will arrive sometime this evening.” They said, “Set your watch, we’ll be there in 30 minutes or less, or you get your money back.”

Finally, your USP should be short. One sentence preferably, 2 sentences max. You want people to never forget your USP. Anything too long and your audience will never remember.

How do you create your USP?

I’m so glad you asked. Let me give you 5 quick tips to help craft your own unique Unique Selling Proposition - see what I did there?

1) Utilizing your name: Companies like Diamonds Direct, 5 Below and Dollar General Store use their names as a way to convey their USP.

2) Leveraging your position - either directly or indirectly: If we go back to the examples above, Avis does this directly by using “We’re Number Two. We Try Harder.” They’re recognizing from the beginning that they’re not the largest rental car company. But they have found a way to leverage their position into a very strong USP. An indirect leverage of position is a local grocery store positioning themselves as having all locally grown meats, fruits and vegetables. Sure their prices are higher, but they’re leveraging their position as being local as a positive.

3) Uniquely distribute your product or service: A doctor who makes house calls, Amazon drone delivery, Dominos delivering within 30 minutes are all ways companies use their distribution as part of their USP.

4) Price or Payment Terms: Many USPs have been built on price, including: Subway, Discount Tire, Spirit Airlines, and Payless Shoes. Or do you offer a payment plan, or a try it before you buy it option? Spirit airlines offers the lowest fair prices in exchange for less amenities, and it works. Can you offer a payment plan that completely dwarfs your competitors?

5) Use of celebrities: Some companies use celebrities as part of their USP… ProActiv being one that immediately comes to mind. Can you use a local celebrity to help promote your product?

(Bonus Tip) Guarantees: A guarantee lowers (if not completely eliminates) all worry and erases risk from the consumer’s mind. Companies such as Eddie Bauer and Cutco offer lifetime guarantees. Discount grocer Aldi doesn't just guarantee its products — it double guarantees them. If you're not fully satisfied with an item, the store will both replace the item and refund your money. What can you guarantee that nobody else can?

Remember what I said at the beginning of this article - your USP will get people in the door. But it’s your irresistible offer that will actually get them to pull out their wallet and purchase.

So let’s address that next.

Now that we know who your ideal customer avatar is and what your unique selling proposition is, it’s time to develop our irresistible offer.

Remember, the unique selling proposition will help get people to the your door and the irresistible offer will entice people to buy. The USP is about your company, the irresistible offer is about the product. So what exactly is an irresistible offer?

Your irresistible offer is that specific product or stack of products that is specifically what your audience wants to purchase to solve their problem or fulfill their desire.

Let’s go back to the Domino’s example. Their USP is “Fresh, hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less, or it’s free” but that’s not what people are buying… it’s not what convinces people to pull out their wallet and buy right now. What is it that gets them to buy? An offer like any two pizzas with 3 toppings plus breadsticks for $9.99. 

Throw in 30 minutes or less delivery and a free 2-liter coke and it starts to become an irresistible offer.  

A business coach and mentor of mine offered 12-months of weekly group calls, multiple books and courses, and a trip to Austin for a weekend mastermind with other entrepreneurs. Oh, and he also has a money back guarantee and free access to all of the courses he creates in the future (which is about 3 or 4 a year). Is it any wonder he’s had well over 150 people hire him within just the last 9 months? He put together an irresistible offer.

What is it that you can stack together to make your offer truly irresistible? 

Remember, a customer will continue to buy until you either 1) run out of things to sell them or 2) stop serving them at the highest level.

I’ve run campaigns for dentists where the offer was a combination of Invisalign, teeth whitening, free Sonicare toothbrush and a year’s worth of toothbrush replacement heads. That is an irresistible offer. Throw in some scarcity and offer it to the right people, and you will generate the highest month of revenue your business has ever seen.

Need some more ideas for irresistible offers? Just look at holiday sales - Memorial Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. Yes, some of them are purely price discounts (which can still be used as an irresistible offer), but many of them use a combination of product stacks and price discounts… and there’s certainly an element of scarcity with either limited supplies or limited time only.

Is all of this resonating with you? Are you starting to see how this simple formula can drastically change your business and accelerate your revenues?

At this point, you’ve identified your ideal customer avatar (including their demographics, psychographics, wants, fears, and desires), you’ve developed your unique selling proposition that will enable you to stand out from your competitors and finally you’ve crafted your irresistible offer that will get your ideal customer avatar to take out their wallet and purchase.

Congratulations - you’ve accomplished all of that!

Now that we have those dialed in, it’s time to really get our message out to the marketplace.

This is where Market Channel Domination.

As part of our process of researching and really getting to know our Ideal Customer Avatar, we discovered exactly where they are hanging out and spending the bulk of their time. Maybe it’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, the local ball fields, on the road, etc.

If you’re not sure where your audience is spending their time, just ask.
Surveys, conversations with prospects, cold calls, asking competitors in other locations and online research are just a few methods you can use to gather this data.

One you know where they’re hanging out, you want to absolutely dominate that market channel. You want to appear everywhere on that distribution channel.

WARNING: Do not move to this step until you have the first 3 variables solved… otherwise you will just be wasting time and money. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s completely wasteful to throw money at a campaign to drive traffic and dominate a market channel if you haven’t even proven that your irresistible offer will convert? 

Or if you’re putting out messages everyday on Facebook and you go to boost those posts but you don’t know who your ideal customer avatar is then you’re just putting the right message in front of the wrong people.

This step is the final part of the process of amplifying your business success.

Assuming you know your ideal customer, you’ve created a unique selling proposition and have a proven irresistible offer that converts, then (and only then) should you seek to dominate your market.

There’s a personal injury attorney here in the Southeast who has his face and message on over 2,000 billboards. You literally can’t drive more than a few miles without seeing his billboards. He dominates his market and has more billboards by a factor of at least 2 or 3. That’s market channel domination.

A local realtor has their sign smack dab in center field of every single local baseball field in town. On some of the fields, they even have 2 or 3 signs hanging up in center field.

Where are your ideal customers hanging out and how can you dominate that market channel.

By using this formula, you can rapidly increase your revenues and crush your competition. You accomplish this by uniquely positioning yourself, making an irresistible offer, and then dominating your market channel.

Remember, if you’re not getting the traffic that you want, work on refining your USP.

If you’re getting plenty of prospects but just not closing them, then you need to revamp your offer - make it something so irresistible that they absolutely cannot refuse to buy it.

So here it is again, the Amplify Business Success Formula:

Ideal Customer Avatar + Unique Selling Proposition + Irresistible Offer + Market Channel Domination = Amplify Business Success

If you want even more information, examples and tips (yes - I had to hold a few things back), I encourage you go grab a copy of my Amplify Business Success workbook at

Amplify your business. Amplify your life. 

If you want to see how to apply this proven formula to your business, I encourage you to schedule a free 30-minute strategy call at

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